Welcome to my profile !

Hi, ever thought of doing all the things you always wanted to do, living all those lives you dreamed of ?

Well, I did it and believe me you will never regret the decision of setting yourself free. This site is the story of the ordinary boy next door whom no one barely notices or know. This site is the saga of an unknown common boy, who wasn’t even confident enough to start conversation with people. This site is the tale of how the boy became a wizard, a discoverer, a lecturer.

My Activities

Training & Innovation

I provide technical training on automation, CAD & Robotics. Also do R&D works.

Online Tutorials

I make YouTUBE Videos about different technical subjects, engineering as well as lifestyle.


I find great pleasure sharing my thoughts via my writings. Some books on technology & stories are published.

Magic Shows

I Love doing Magic Shows, specially Mega Illusion Shows. I performed almost 500 shows till now.

Magicians will always tell you the trick is the most important thing, but Im more interested in telling a story.

– Marco Tempest

My Memorable Moments


Felicitation by Asiatic Society


Image - Copy

Felicitation by Most Revered Gautamananda Ji Maharaj,   Vice President

Ramakrishna Math & Mission

after a mega illusion show at Chattishgarh where a record number of spectators were present (almost 12000)


Felicitation by Tollywood Actors & Actresses


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Charity Shows